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Antreas Katsiamides

2015 to date

I am a BBSRC funded PhD student.

My main focus is to study the fundamental molecular processes which take place during cerebral ganglion (brain) regeneration in the earthworm. The aim of this project is to identify how the earthworm, unlike humans, has preserved its innate capability for complete restoration of its CNS following injury. Understanding this complex phenomenon could potentially enable us to devise strategies to treat or prevent neurodegenerative disorders. The project is build on the collaboration across three institutions - KCL, UCL in the UK, and the University of Pecs in Hungary.  Some of the main techniques implemented include next generation sequencing (RNAseq), qPCR, molecular cloning, immunohistochemistry and bioelectrospray.

King's College London

  • Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine
  • Analytical and Environmental Science Division
  • 150 Stamford Street
  • London
  • SE1 9NH
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