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Eternal youth with Tannins? How a worm can outwit ageing (June 2014). El Pais

Earthworms: the future of nanotechnology? (Aug 2013). Wellcome Trust

Quantum dots from earthworms (Feb 2013). Cern Courier

An earthworm QD factory (Jan 2013).   Nature Methods

Nanomaterials:Earthworms lit with quantum dots (Jan 2013).  Nature Nanotechnology

Earthworms roped into making quantum dots (Jan 2013).  New Scientist

Sugar, worms and space (Jan 2013). SciShow (on Youtube)

Worms turn metal into semiconductors (Jan 2013).  NBC NEWS

The quantum earthworm (Dec 2012). National Geographic

Earthworm production of luminescent quantum dots (Dec 2012). Nikon

Worms turn metal into working semi-conductors (Dec 2012). TheHighTechSociety

Biotech researchers successfully harvest quantum dots from earthworm poop (Dec 2012) ExtremeTech

Researchers use earthworms to create quantum dots (Dec 2012)

Highjacking worm guts to produce tiny semiconductors (Dec 2012)  Discover Magazine

Earthworm guts become factory for nanoparticles (Dec 2012). Arstechnica

Mit Tanninen zur ewigen Jugend? (Jan 2012).Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ)

Earthworms show evolution in action (June 2010). Planet Earth

Worm Gene Data Flags Environmental Toxicity (April 2010). Computer Power User Magazine

Software models aid gene expression toxin study (December 2009). BBC News

The year of the worm? (December 2008). NatureNews

Earthworm's plight is early warning of threat to man (July 2008). The Times

Earthworm detectives provide genetic clues for dealing with soil pollution (June 2008). NERC

Worms have turned for Julie (December 2003). South Wales Echo

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